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Katy Ann Gilmore

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here’s a quick, rudimentary little view of Matter and Void. head to duke gallery to experience it in person. (at Duke Gallery)

non art-related trip to the home depot. #heelsinthehomedepot
Thanks to @johnschacon for great images of the opening reception of Matter & Void and the exhibition itself! (at Duke Gallery)
Thank you to everyone who came to the opening night of Matter and Void! I’m more than grateful for all of the help I received putting this installation together. After only 4 hours of sleep in the last 62 hours, I am more than ready for a few hours of rest :) (at Duke Gallery)
mapping out the ceiling grid. two days until opening! Matter & Void, sunday, july 20, 6-9p, artist talk at 7:45.  (at Duke Gallery)
fishing line and ball chain for dayssssss. prepping for installation beginning tomorrow!
quote of the day: “wow! you really gonna do all that yourself?! #heelsinthehomedepot (at The Home Depot)
) | (at Culver City Art District)
floating grids
hours of uninterrupted work. there are few better things.
website update complete. minimal, clean | katyanngilmore.com
easier said than done, dove
just over two weeks away! 

make plans to stop by on july 20 sometime between 6 - 8 pm. 

i will be giving a talk at 7:45pm. 

for more information and directions, click the link to the facebook event in my bio section or copy and paste the following: https://m.facebook.com/events/737727782932859 (at Azusa Pacific University - Duke Art Gallery)
july residency number 4, in the MFA homestretch. calendar looks like a game of tetris. 23-25 hours in the office. 18-22 hours in class. 10 hours in sessions. and every other waking hour in the studio, critiquing, homework, and thesis writing. three incredibly full weeks. if you see me, please give me a hug and caffeine.  (at Azusa Pacific University- West Campus)

magnet gluin, Purity Ring listenin. i just learned that my magnet rate per second is slower than 1 per 15 seconds. i did some quick mental math, and each row of 40 to 41 strands takes about 7.5 - 9 hours from measuring to cutting to sorting to gluing fishing line/ball and chain to wrapping/taping/storing around insulfoam to gluing magnets to reinforcing all glued spots. there are 31 rows. now i’ll let you do a bit of mental math.