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fitting in a bit of evening drawing
26 hours and 2 car loads later, de-install is finally complete! I opened the back doors of the gallery, letting natural light filter around the mobile wall. this little concept will absolutely find its way into future work.
matter and void, small install detail
quick pre-office trip to my new neighborhood home depot (at The Home Depot)
15 hours in on de-install. all strands removed and meticulously wrapping and taping each row to avoid tangling. i’ve taped and untaped these strands to these pieces of foam so many times. as much as i would love to throw them in piles because i’m tired of taping, i know it would be a nightmare if (when) i were ever to install this again. and i’m sure at that point i will not regret the time spent taping.
Small drawing on its way to Santa Barbara for 5x5: Celebrating Five Years at the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art to open in less than a month. This drawing, along with other 5”x5” works from invited artists, will be for sale. Read more about the show on the museum’s website and make plans to be in Santa Barbara for the opening!
finishing up a small 5”x5” drawing for the 5x5 invitational at the westmont ridley-tree museum of art in santa barbara opening at the end of this month. each invited artist is sent a 5”x5” sheet of paper, and all of these works will be auctioned off in support of the museum’s educational programming. check out the museum’s website for details.

repeat repeat repeat


or just magnets in my pocket during the de-install of Matter and Void. thanks again to everyone who dropped by to see the show, and for anyone who helped throughout the lengthy process!
tiny segments
journal entry from 11 year old katy #whocaresanyway
floating form
image from install. all blue everything.
journal page: calculations and planning